Become a Fair Trade Ambassador


Complete Training Session

You are required to attend a Fair Trade Ambassador training session, through the means of a webinar or an in person meeting.

Following your initial training session, you will be required to;

√ Review additional fair trade learning materials.

√ Complete a quiz to test your understanding of fair trade. A passing grade of 70% will be required.

√ Work with the CFTN, AQCÉ, and Fairtrade Canada to develop a one-year engagement strategy

Engagement and Outreach

As a Fair Trade Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to; o Actively support or motivate Fair Trade Programs in your region;

√ Give support for annual fair trade campaigns in your region (e.g. Fairtrade Month, World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade Campus Week);

√ Help organize, give conference session suggestions or attend the CFTN’s National Fair Trade Conference;

√ Network with teachers, university and college administration, municipal representatives, community organisations, students and other individuals who may be interested in learning more about fair trade and related designations;

√ Help with Fairtrade product demos;

√ Give content suggestions and help distribute the CFTN’s Fair Trade Magazine (published by-annually).

Ongoing Commitment

The Program requires an ongoing commitment of a minimum of one year, in which;

√ You will be listed on our website as an active Fair Trade Ambassador in your region;

√ Leadership skills will be developed through on-going webinar training and check-ins;

√ You will help support the development of new Fair Trade Ambassadors.

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