Designate your Campus Fair Trade

Steering committee

A Fair Trade Campus Steering Committee must be established to ensure continued compliance with the Fair Trade Campus designation standards. The committee must commit to the following tasks:

√ Establish and maintain a balance between the number of volunteer members and administrative representatives;
√ Meet at least twice a year to discuss annual objectives and assess progress;
√ Prove its efforts to increase the number and variety of Fairtrade certified products sold on-campus beyond the minimum required;
√ Encourage independent businesses, departments and groups on campus to adhere to the Fair Campus criteria;
√ Submit an annual report to the CTTN or AQCÉ by July 1st which includes a completed renewal form, targets for the upcoming year, and an assessment of progress over the past year;

Product Availability

All coffee served on campus must be fair trade certified:

√ At least three (3) fair trade certified teas must be available wherever tea is served;
√ At least one (1) certified fair trade chocolate bar should be available where chocolate bars are sold;
√ All coffee and tea served at campus meetings and events, as well as in campus administration offices and student associations must be fair trade certified;

Visibility and Awareness

All locations selling Fair Trade certified products must have signs that clearly display it:

√ All locations selling fair trade products must have additional information on fair trade;
√ A page on the university / college website should explicitly state that the institution is a fair trade campus and provide information on fair trade;
√ The campus administration must participate (at least) annually in a public celebration of its Fair Trade Campus status;

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