Designate your Events Fair Trade

Requirement 1 : Availability of Fair Trade certified products

The Organizing Committee must demonstrate that Fair Trade certified products are available according to the categories of products served at an event; At an event, if coffee is served, it must be exclusively (100%) fair trade certified coffee. When tea is served, three (3) fair trade certified tea options must be offered. If chocolate is served, at least one (1) Fair Trade Certified Chocolate option must be offered; In addition to coffee, tea and chocolate, at least one other certified fair trade product must be available. In cases where the primary activity involves a product for which a fair trade option exists, every effort must be made to provide this fair trade product; Organizers shall endeavor to obtain supplies of other fair trade certified products where such an option exists. This includes bananas and other fresh fruits, beer, cotton, flowers, juice, spices, nuts, rice, sports balls, sugar and wine.

Requirement 2: Engagement of partners

Organizers must ensure that all partners (organizations, institutions and / or companies) are aware of the basics of Fair Trade and understand what the Fair Trade designation means;

Whenever possible, organizers should strive to work with partners who market or serve fair trade products;

Where appropriate, organizers should go to local advocacy groups working in the field of fair trade. (Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for contact information.)

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