Designate your Faith Group Fair Trade


Steering Committee

A Fair Trade Committee must be formed by members and leaders of the congregation to ensure the fulfilment and continued commitment to the Fair Trade Faith Group designation.

The committee must:

√ Include one (1) faith group leader/administrator and two (2) congregants in the committee;

√ Be responsible for meeting the requirements for Fair Trade designation, including completing and submitting an application form;

√ Meet as a whole at least twice per year to plan and evaluate its Fair Trade designation. A smaller representation of the committee should meet more frequently to carry out committee responsibilities;

√ Submit a short annual report online with photos by July 1 to renew their Fair Trade Faith Group designation;

Product Availability

Fairtrade certified coffee, tea, and a third product from a different category (e.g. sugar, chocolate, or bananas) must be made available to both congregants and visitors. All coffee and tea served at the congregation and other off site faith group events must be Fairtrade certified.

Visibility and Awareness

The faith group needs to support its fair trade commitment by having promotional and informational material available to both congregants and visitors.

√ Host at least one (1) fair trade education or awareness event per year;

√ Ensure the faith group’s commitment to fair trade is visible among congregants and visitors through public signage;

√ Include information about fair trade on the faith group’s website, social media, and newsletter (if any);

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