Designate your School Fair Trade


Steering Committee

Within the Fair Trade School, a steering committee must be formed to ensure a sustained commitment to the local designation of Fair Trade School.

The committee must:

√ Include one (1) administrator, one teacher and one group of students with at least 2 members (2+);

√ Be responsible for fair trade designation by meeting the criteria, which includes completing and submitting an application;

√ Meet with all members at least twice a year to plan and evaluate their fair trade appointment. A smaller representation of the committee should meet more frequently in order to carry out the committee’s duties;

Classroom Learning

A school must demonstrate that the concepts of fair trade are incorporated into classroom learning by providing:

√ The names and contact information of instructors teaching about fair trade in the classroom;

√ A description of their learning activities;

√ A sample of the students’ work (may be anonymous);

Product Availability

At least two fair trade certified products must be available to students and staff on a regular basis (approximately, once a week throughout the school year)

Visibility and Awareness

A school must support communication and commitment to increase awareness of fair trade and fair trade products in their community:

√ Hold at least one (1) awareness activity in the school or in the surrounding community

√ Ensure The school’s commitment to fair trade is visible to students and staff through public displays

√ Include information about fair trade on the school’s website and in the school newsletter;

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