Proposed motion to the City council of Quebec

Whereas Fair Trade is a commercial partnership whose objective is to achieve greater equity in world trade by guaranteeing the rights of producers and workers through a fair price paid for their products;

Whereas Fair Trade is part of a sustainable development vision because it promotes greater social equity while being economically viable and promotes the adoption of more environmentally friendly production methods;

Whereas in Quebec and Canada, Fairtrade Canada is responsible for the fair trade certification of products such as coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa and bananas and that the organization receives in Quebec the support of L’Association québécoise du commerce équitable;

Whereas one of the main orientations of the urban development Plan is to plan urban development with a view of sustainable development and more specifically to protect, develop and develop high quality natural and urban environments.

Whereas in November 2014, the City of Quebec became the major partner of the sustainable development training center at Laval University, becoming the first city of the province to participate.

Whereas the concept of Fair Trade Town was born in 1999 in the city of Garstang, England, with the aim of increasing the promotion of fair trade;

Whereas there are now more than 1 500 designated cities and universities in the world (including Paris, London, Rome, Copenhagen and Chicago), including 18 Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières;

Whereas, in order to achieve the fair trade town designation, a city must meet the five requirements of the Fairtrade Towns International Campaign: establish a steering committee composed of elected representatives or city employees and representatives of local organizations, demonstrate the availability of certified products, Promote fair trade, be supported by the local and community-based organizations promoting fair trade, and secure the adoption, by the city council, of a resolution affirming the support of Quebec fair trade town initiative  for the designation of a fair trade town;

Whereas NAVTI Foundation Canada, L’AMIE, Carrefour Tiers-Monde, AVES and Université Laval’s Fair Trade Campus recently formed the Steering Committee, for Quebec, fair trade town designation;

 It is moved by ….

 That the Executive Committee mandate an employee to represent the City on the Quebec Fair Trade Town Steering Committee in order to support Quebec Fair Trade Town initiative.

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