Why a fair trade town?

√ To ensure that our community is seen as a leader and to strengthen our respect for fair trade principles, including fair trade pricing, respect for labor standards, protection of the environment and fair trade where there is less actors;

√ To improve the lives of millions of farmers and workers in the South who are benefiting from fair trade;

√ To raise awareness and encourage local citizens to make ethical and sustainable choices;

√ To bring your community together around a common project;

The Fair Trade Programs are initiatives of Fairtrade Canada, managed in partnership with the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCÉ).

Fairtrade Canada: www.fairtrade.ca / [email protected]

Canadian Fair Trade Network: www.cftn.ca / [email protected]

Association québécoise du commerce équitable: www.assoquebecequitable.org [email protected]

Source : Fairtrade.ca

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