Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Quebec Fair Trade town initiative is currently composed of the following organizations: L’AMIE, Marché Équitable, le Carrefour d’éducation à la solidarité internationale – Quebec, AVES, Engineers Without Borders – Université Laval and NAVTI Foundation Canada.

You are an organization that supports fair trade and you would like to apply to be a member of the steering committee? Do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]

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is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of disadvantaged children worldwide. The organization’s mission is to meet the basic needs of the children of developing countries and to establish the basis for their autonomy; to sensitize society to rights, needs and ways to help children in developing countries.

The approach of L’AMIE has always aimed at the sustainable development and the support of local initiatives of its partners. In this context, fair trade is a great way to support southern cooperatives while respecting their work thanks to better pay, a fairer economic contribution and long-term commitment.

One of the activity sectors of L’AMIE is public outreach and awareness. Beyond providing economic importance to Southern producers, fair trade allows families to live better, and by the same fact, allows children to have better living conditions and a better future through the access of an improved education. As a recent partner of the Quebec Fair trade Month, L’AMIE is always proud to be part of the organizing committee, of this great meetings where, through exchanges, promotion and awareness.

Marché Équitable

Marché Équitable is a nonprofit organization and a social enterprise that seeks to support and restore fairness in global trade. Our company specializes in the distribution of coffee, tea and chocolate. We have coffee from different sources. You can also find tea and other fair trade products. Our products are 100% fair trade!

You may reach us on our website: and via our email at [email protected]

Carrefour d’éducation à la solidarité internationale – Québec

Founded in 1969, Carrefour Tiers-Monde (CTM) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that educates and mobilizes the people of the Quebec City region on development and international solidarity. The organization coordinates the Quebec Days of International Solidarity on a regional scale and has published various pedagogical publications addressing various facets of international solidarity. Carrefour also set up a social economy project, the Auberge L’Autre Jardin and a fair trade boutique, the Equimonde boutique. The organization’s mission is education for development and international solidarity in the Quebec City region.



AVES mission is to contribute to the advancement of the public’s education on cultural differences, fair trade and the multiple facets of poverty by offering training activities, including thematic workshops, and Organizing and conducting educational internships abroad. For AVES, the notion of “living together” is important and takes on its full significance through intergenerational and intercultural relations in order to build a world of mutual help and sharing.

Engineers Without Borders – Laval University chapter

Engineers Without Borders – Laval University chapter has always been committed to the fight against poverty in a systematic way, beyond simple acts of charity. We propose that the campus of Laval University receives the fair trade designation awarded by Fairtrade Canada. This designation does not contradict the values conveyed by Laval University, as a reference and innovation institution in Quebec. We understand that improving the living conditions of low-income people is based on fairness, respect, and recognition of their work. Through the consumption and purchase of Fairtrade certified products, we honor our commitment to being an “influential driver of change in Quebec and around the world”. The requirements of Fairtrade Canada for the fair trade Campus designation must meet certain criteria for the availability and visibility of Fairtrade certified products and the formation of a committee to maintain this status once it has been obtained

NAVTI Foundation Canada

NAVTI Foundation Canada is a non-profit organization of international cooperation and solidarity that is dedicated to support the capacity building of small communities in the South, in order to promote the emergence of a sustainable environment favorable to a social and solidarity economy. The organization is also dedicated to public awareness of international cooperation. The involvement of NFC in fair trade translates into the development of expertise in obtaining fair trade and organic certification. The maintenance of close contacts with the certifying bodies thus enables NFC to offer a program of assistance in obtaining fair trade and organic certification to the cooperatives of small producers in the South who do not have the resources to do so. NFC works mainly with the cooperative of Mbiim located in the region of Bui in the Northwest of Cameroon. Thus, the creation of a fair trade road between Cameroon and Quebec will give a boost to the development of a fair trade and social economy in this region of Central Africa.

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